19 Best Multiplayer Games On iPhone

multiplayer games on iPhone

Multiplayer games on iPhone in particular has proven to be a popular way to connect with friends whether at home or abroad and is part of an industry that has grown only after the global Covid-19 pandemic. There are so many multiplayer games you can find on your iPhone, from first-person shooters to the ultimate combat racing games.

Here are 19 best multiplayer games on iPhone:

  1. Mario Kart Tour

The mobile version of this game is fun to play and can be played with a group of friends.

To schedule a match, you will need to pass through a few hoops first. After downloading the app, you will need to create a Nintendo account and play a few games on your own. Once you have cleared the first level, a “Friends” icon will appear when you tap the menu button at the bottom of the Home screen which when clicked on you will be able to input your player’s ID and challenge a player to a match.

  1. Kahoot

multiplayer games on iphone

If you choose to host your trivia night, Kahoot allows you to create your own questions with multiple answers or true or false answers.  The game allows you to have a unique pin code to use to invite other friends to play. All your friends have to do is to enter the pin which you have share with them. You can invite up to 10 players per game with a free version of the app, while Kahoot Plus allows you to invite more people for $ 9.99 a month.

  1. Hearth stone

Hearthstone is a Blizzard Prize-winning card battler. This game is just like any other card game, it allows you to collect cards using them to control the battlefield. You can choose to play solo mode against AI heroes, however, you will have to get into 1v1 games against other players online to experience the game to the fullest potential.

  1. Asphalt 9 legends

The Asphalt series has some of the best mobile racing games, and Asphalt 9 Legends is no exception. In fact, it’s probably the best among Asphalt games, in my opinion. In addition to the career mode, the game also has many different challenges and limited time events that are very fun to play.

It’s also worth pointing out that Asphalt 9 Legends has a huge selection of cars which is probably one of the best multiplayer games on iphone out there. The highlight for me is the new controls for the ‘Touch Drive’ button.

  1. Riptide GP: Renegrade

multiplayer games on iphone

Sold by Vector Unit Inc, this game gives you an adrenaline rush. If you haven’t heard about this game, now is the perfect time to get into the world of speed and excitement.

Discover the joys of races of gravity-defying and stunts across different crazy locations. Being ostracized by the Riptide hydro-jet passenger wing, you are forced to run illegally through the ruins of the city in search of your own reputation and the lost identity you deserve.

First polish your skills with single player mode to unlock various rides, characters and customizable features and take online the final test as you face your opponents with multiplayer online games.

  1. 8 ball Pool

There are so many multiplayer games on iphone but 8 ball stands out. Released in October 2010, it is designed for fans of pool. Published by Miniclip on Android and iOS devices. Supports various languages ​​such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, can be played by anyone over 4 years of age.

Requires only 146.5 GB of free storage space for installation. This free to play game is a favourite among pool players. Exploring the objectives and skills of this game can keep you stuck on the screen for hours. Win matches and collect coins to add higher staked matches or buy new items.

Enter competitions or hone your skills – all of this is nowhere else but right on your phone.

  1. Call of duty mobile

multiplayer games on iphone

The list of multiplayer games on iphone would not be complete without the title of Call of Duty, and Call of Duty: Mobile brings home the franchise on the iPhone. This game was developed and published by Activision and Timi studios.

Players can access online and unranked online matches of the standard game modes including Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy, or they can choose to play mobile version of Call of Duty’s battle royale mode. There is no less chaos than its console counterparts, however, with games with up to 100 players. Zombie game mode is also briefly introduced on Call of Duty: Mobile in 2019, but Activision has pulled it off and is working to refine the experience to make the mode suitable for mobile devices.

  1. Words with friends

Perhaps less glamorous than the previous entry on this list, words and Friends are nonetheless compelling. While Scrabble GO offers a voice-based board games experience, words and friends have been around since 2009 and include mobile pedigree to rule as the biggest in the App Store.

Players take turns creating a crossword-puzzle style, and they can challenge opponents via Facebook or randomly assigned via a matching system. Words and Friends also allow up to 40 games to be played simultaneously, using in-app notifications to inform players of their turn – which is useful when fighting a war of words in multiple fronts.

  1. Among Us

multiplayer games on iphone

Even if you haven’t heard of Among Us, the latest game of 2021, you’ve probably seen thousands of memes online. Although it came out in 2018, the game did not reach general popularity until the summer of 2020. In fact, many players have not only heard of the title, but the game itself draws enough players to set a good impression, leaving the game continuity in limbo. That all changed after the broadcast on Twitch by the popular Soda Poppin broadcaster, and since then, the game has really taken off, becoming one of the most talked about games this year.

Available for free with ads on iOS (and for only $ 4.99 on Steam if you’d like to play with the keyboard and mouse), Among Us will be familiar to anyone who has ever played Werewolf, Mafia, or other shoots built over the past thirty years. The idea is simple enough: you fill the role of a crewmate in a spaceship, HQ, or planet base, performing multiple tasks as you navigate the map with up to nine other players. However, there is a twist: among the three crewmates there are actually fraudsters, foreign invaders who want to kill their crewmates and cause chaos. While the crewmates are patrolling the ship, performing tasks and controlling the environment, fraudsters are able to control the ship’s central computer, telephoning around the map and slaying their crewmates secretly.

Once the body has been found and reported by a crewmate, you will be forced to enter a chatroom to discuss which of the characters appears to be the fraud. As you chat (using your keyboard; Among Us has no voice chat) between you, you will need to decide who appears to be an impostor using clues and relying on your partners to keep up with the person. Once you have reached an agreement, you can vote for the player you want to remove from the map. If employees release a cheater, they will succeed (or be sent to the next round to find another cheater). If the crew inject another crewmate, they will be sent back to the game for another round – with one less crew mate to keep them safe.

It is an addictive game, with a great mobile twist to a party game that has kept many people entertained for decades now. Although free on Mobile Among Us have a few in-app purchases, including the option to remove ads for just $ 1.99. You can also pick up some of your character’s premium skins, to help you stand out from the crowd. Hats and pets are available, with bundles of a few dollars each. Without in-app purchases, this is a good game that is easy to play without losing a single cent. The player base is huge, and the dev team recently cancelled a sequential order to build those features in an existing game file.

  1. Death squared

Most of the games on this list of multiplayer games on iPhone come with a huge budget world, AAA action games, but if you want something very close, Death Squared could be your app. The port of the successful indie console title, Death Squared is a puzzle game designed to be played with two people sitting together. It may not be as complicated as most games on this list, but don’t let that fool you — Death Squared is an appropriate addition.

Setting up to play is easy: turn your iPhone or iPad on its side, and each player will hold the side of the phone. Virtual joysticks appear on each side of the screen, and each joystick controls one of two colorful robots moving through each level. The simplicity shown here is what makes Death Squared welcome new players. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gaming your whole life, or if you’ve never held a controller; grasping how to get through the game to complete obstacles takes a matter of time.

That doesn’t mean the game is easy. Even a second puzzle can lead to fewer deaths from each player, and levels start to get harder from there. Avoiding spikes, moving stones, and other obstacles is not as easy as it sounds, but death is part of the game. Each level ends with your recording time, as well as the death rate of each player, which helps add a small competitive line to the game where you will need to work together to win.

Although the “Story” mode is acknowledged to be weak on a real plot, the tone of the game is still bright. In fact, any player who plays Portal 2 can find themselves reminded as they play each level of this game.

With over 80 levels, Death Squared should keep you and your puzzle partner busy as you work through a great campaign, but if you still find yourself hungry for a challenge, Ten Levels of Vault can also add an extra challenge above all else.

  1. Houseparty

multiplayer games on iphone

Houseparty is not only the longest hangout app designed for you and your friends, it also has a great repository of games you can play while hanging out in the house room. It is perfect for hanging out with friends and family if you are unable to do so in person.

One of the best desktop games and console over the past decade is also available for iOS and Android phones. The Minecraft Pocket Program is an Xbox and PC-enabled platform, giving you an expanded list of friends to play with.

  1. Clue

multiplayer games on iphone

If you really want to kick it out old school with friends far away then clue is just right for you. Of course, this classic board game is available on all smartphone both ios and android users with all the same intrigue, and mystery you are familiar with.

  1. Super Stickman Golf 3

multiplayer games on iphone

This is one of the best multiplayer games on iPhone. All three of the stickman golf game series are all unique and interesting in their own style but they all retain the same basic gameplay, a 2D Flash-esque game that pushes you to put the ball in the hole under a series of funny and matched game pieces. Unlike most games on this list, there are no long tutorials, unlocking a set piece, or story mode for players to enter the game. Instead, you get into the game right away, choosing between a single player mode that allows you to try your hand at hitting levels throughout the game, or a multiplayer mode that offers two different game modes: race mode and turn-based series, both offering their own elements.

First, it is worth noting the gameplay. It’s actually a good basic thing to start with, with your stickman appearing on the field and your goal on the other side of the display. Your controls are at the bottom of the screen, offering basic options to choose from. You can use the arrow keys to increase or decrease your target, and once you’ve decided you’re ready to shoot, you hit the golf button. This allows your energy meter to start scrolling; once you have selected your power meter and your angle, you can choose to shoot the ball. It will be delivered from your location to wherever you choose your target ball. The goal is to get the ball into the hole as few times as possible, and generally, without breaking the par you have chosen. It’s a game description that’s easy to pick up and play in seconds, but mastering it will take time.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer modes here are actually much brighter than you might expect. Racing mode is what it sounds like: you and someone else, whether you’re using another iPhone, iPad, or Mac in the area, or someone you communicate with online, run with each other to shoot the ball in the hole as fast as you can. Because the game requires both users to play the game harmoniously to see who fills all nine holes in the fastest, you and your friend will have to use your devices; there is no way you can use the same iPhone or iPad and trade back and forth, unfortunately. However, it is a solid mode, and playing online works well.

Turn-based mode, meanwhile, works the way you would expect. You and another person are competing, in this case there is an excellent battle to focus on points, not the time it takes to complete the game.

Turn-based mode feels perfect for passing and playing battles, back in your car or while sitting on the couch, but the game encourages you to connect to the internet. Somehow, this mode works very closely to what we have seen from the likes of words with friends and other similar mobile games. You start the game online with someone, either through your friend list on GameCenter or by choosing a random opponent. You and that person trade in exchange, with each hour of competition competing and the challenge being eliminated when you have free time, not when you are playing live.

In turn-based mode, you’ll find yourself waiting for someone else to take their turn. Turn-based mode is designed to put the game away when needed, and to return to it when it’s your turn. If you do not want to compete fully, it is suitable for gamers who want to simply take their chance on the bus or while waiting in line at the store.

When it comes to in-app purchases everything here is up to standard. There are plenty of in-app purchases you should have, but almost everything feels like a voluntary. Inside the pro store, you can host a premium upgrade for $ 2.99, which basically opens game limits that come with being a free title. Think of it as a paid version of the app, as it gives you more tutorials, daily race attempts, 25 turn-based matches, and remove ads. There are card packs, allowing you to discover new content within the game, but generally, the game push you hard to unlock new content. Aside from this $ 2.99 purchase, most of it is fun to play honestly without losing a dime, and all other in-app purchases are cosmetics or game enhancements, no need to have fun with the title.

All you can look for in a casual experience is here, and it makes playing the game really fun and the title is a reliable source of entertainment in short and long bursts. No matter what you want to do in your spare time, you can find something inside the Super Stickman Golf 3 that makes the experience feel like a great reward for playing.

If you are looking for other games like Super Stickman Golf 3, you can try WGT Golf Game, 3D, a more realistic golf game for those who love golf, or Infinite Golf, another 2D golf game with a variety of lessons and modes.

14. Bowmasters

multiplayer games on iphone

This list of multiplayer games on iPhone won’t be complete without bowmasters. This game involves you and your opponent take turns to shoot arrows at yourself. You will be standing across a stage at various distances, and your aim is to hit your enemy accurately. Depending on the distance, you will need to measure the strength and angle of your shot to hit your opponent. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but hopefully, you’ll get a hang of the controls soon.

Similar to the single player mode, the Bowmasters multiplayer mode is also very exciting. However, it is worth noting that multiplayer mode is not accessible from the start. You will have to unlock it by getting 10 wins against AI, which is also doubled as your training period. The game offers both a local multiplayer mode and an online mode.

You can choose to splurge on in-app purchases for both character upgrades and cosmetic, but that is entirely optional.

  1. Vainglory 5v5

Vainglory is the supreme title, full of MOBA action. Due to its popularity, it is currently the first MOBA title in the App Store. Be it casual, ranked or brawl modes, Vainglory has a gameplay style that suits you. You also choose from 37+ playable heroes and unlock their skins.

My personal favorite feature of Vainglory is its in-game Guild finder, which makes it easy for me to find the game whenever I want.

Vainglory weighs 2GB in size, and is compatible with iPhone XS, X, 8 Plus, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or higher.

16. Golf Blitz

Designed especially for people with a soft spot for golf, this game will give you a real-time golf experience. Golf Blitz is published by Noodlecake Studios Inc. on both Android and iOS. It supports multiple languages ​​and requires 107.1 MB of free installation.

The game also offers some exciting in-app purchases. This game allows you to hear the cleverly designed lessons that set it apart from other golf courses. Customize your bags and golfer to win the game.

Play this game with your friends or battle players around the world in real time. This game gives you a completely different feeling.

  1. Player Unknown Battlegrounds

This is one of the most popular and respected multiplayer games on iPhone, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds received a lot of attention after its release. This online multiplayer Battle Royale game was first released on December 20, 2017, for Microsoft Windows only. Later when its popularity skyrocketed, it was released for both Android and IOS on March 19, 2018.

But after that, it was released on September 4, 2018, for Xbox One and finally December 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Produced by PUBG Corporation and published by PUBG Corporation (PC, PS4), Microsoft Studios (Xbox one), Tencent Games (Mobile).

One of the most powerful arenas for action games, Pubg is all about survival. You go in, prepare, fight hard and fight for the last place of survival. Survive those 100 player battles and zombie modes and the last one stands to win the game.

Due to its high popularity among the youth and able to bring high quality gaming experience, it was awarded the Golden Joystick Award for the 2018 Mobile Game of the Year. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 requires 2 GB of free installation space and 2.3 GB after installation.

  1. Clash Royale

multiplayer games on iphone

Clash Royale is a card-based strategy game inspired from Clash of Clans. It’s all about collecting and upgrading your cards featuring soldiers, spells, and heroes from Clash of Clans.

The best part of Clash Royale is the ability to build your own military community. Yes, you can build your community and fight enemies to bring their clans down. Clash Royale is all about collaboration, which makes it one of the best multiplayer games you can add to your library.

19. Monopoly

multiplayer games on iphone

If Monopoly sets you to dig in your mom’s basement and lose a few pieces, don’t worry. This version of the mobile app allows you to repeat the game online in a variety of ways. You can play solo against computer or internet with friends found elsewhere. There is also an offline multiplayer option where you can play with your family in person and transfer the phone between turns, this is one of the best multiplayer games on iPhone.

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