Top 10 Strongest Men In History

This article looks at 10 most strongest men in history. Satisfy your curiosity with our list all the time.

Throughout history, mankind has always been obsessed with physical fitness. From the days when Hercules myths began to take shape, the ancient Olympic Games in which competitions were held to determine who is the most powerful, we have always wanted to name one man above all others. As the centuries went by, the methods of determining the most powerful man became more complex, from the arrival of the Highlands to the lifting weights at the Olympics. These days they are classified as power athletes, weightlifters and powerlifters.

Since 1977 the world’s strongest men have been gathering every year to compete in the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition to find out who is the strongest of all. Yet, by all means, we have devised to know who is strongest of the strong.

Top 10 strongest men in history:

         1. Zydrunas Savickas (Powerlifter, Strongman)

strongest men in history


Zydrunas Savickas is apparently ranked among the most strongest men in history. Zydrunas hails from Birzai Lithuania and has won the Arnold Strongman Classic record seven times (2003-2008, 2014) and the Arnold Strongman Classic is seen by many as the ultimate strength test and is better than the WSM competition.

In 2005 he set three world records on his way to glory at the IFSA Strongman World Championship. Savickas attained impressive figures for 2014: 227 kg log lift (world record), 400 kg raw squat, 410 kg deadlift, and 286 kg bench weight.

  1. Brian Shaw (Strongman)


Brian Shaw is ranked second on the list and comes from Colorado United States. Shaw got a lot in common with the famous Bill Kazmaier. Both men have finished five times in the top three of the world strongest men.

Shaw, a two-time WSM champion (2011, 2013) has a deadlift record of 442 kg and 510 kg deadlift with Hummer tires with straps. He squatted 375 kg in the gym.

  1. Bill Kazmaier (Powerlifter, Strongman)


Bill Kazmaier aka Kaz hails from Wisconsin, United States, and was the first person to lift all five McGlashen stones (approximately 250-300 lb. each). Many people believe that Bill Kazmaier is one of the toughest men in history, and with good cause.

After winning World strongest man in 1980, 1981, and 1982, he was so good that the organizers once prohibited him from entering the competition.

Not only is he unbeatable, not only that, but he has set a world record for a gross raw lift of 2,425 lbs, set to date. Kaz is undoubtedly one of the strongest men in history.

       4. Mateusz Kieliszkowski

strongest men in history


At 25 years old, Kieliszkowski is one of the youngest competitors in the World’s strongest man Circuit. At 22 years old, he became the strongest man to compete in the Arnold Strongman Classic.

A year later, he won the event in the WSM final, dominating veterans in the frame carry, carrying a 360kg frame across the 30m course in a speed of 17.69 seconds.

     5. Mark Henry (Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Strongman, Wrestler)


Mark Henry was not only nicknamed the strongest man in the world in his WWE stage entries, he is actually one of the strongest men in the world.

Henry hails from Texas, United States, and has a worldwide reputation for being the first person to ever win both U.S. weightlifting and powerlifting and super heavyweight championships at the same time.

In addition to his impressive feats, Henry has reserves of an untapped potential that we have never seen since seeking a career in WWE.

    6. Hafthor Bjornsson (Strongman, Powerlifter)

strongest men in history


Aside from his on-screen fame, he is very popular within the weight lifting circuit and, He is a five-time European strongest man of all time, three-time Arnold Strongman Classic Champion, one-time Strong Man World Champion. He hails from Reykjavik Iceland and he is Iceland strongest man for nearly a decade now. All of that and he’s just entering his prime years at 32.

Hafthor has indeed astounded a lot of milestones. Like breaking a 500kg deadlift record, a 1000-year-old record holding a 30-foot, 1,433-pound five-pound log for five minutes.

   7. Paul Anderson – Weightlifter, Powerlifter, strongman

Height: 5’9 ″

Weight: 350 lbs

Paul Anderson’s name may be the subject of many controversy on this list. Declared by some to be the strongest man who ever lived, he also has his share of doubts. That he actually held 1,200 pounds is open to debate, but Dr. Todd witnessed him squat 700lbs for 8 reps in an exhibition reps in a show — at a time when the official 1RM squat record was 700 pounds. Anderson won a U.S. Olympic gold medal in Melbourne, Australia, in 1956.

    8. Eddie Hall (Strongman)


Eddie Hall from Newcastle, United Kingdom is one of the strongest people in the world. Hall has achieved a lot in his life, by winning the 2017 World’s Strongest Man Competition. However, what makes him special is his amazing, record- setting deadlift of 2016.

Somehow, he managed to hit a 500kg deadlift, proving that he was a powerful man who surprised those present. Since that day in 2016, plenty have tried to match Eddie’s mind-blowing feat of courage, but all have struggled. Eddie Hall is also the first and last person to lift 500kg from the ground to an upright position.

     9. Vasyl Virastyuk (Strongman)


Vasyl’s successes are many, including winning the IFSA World Championships and the second at the Arnold Strongman Athletes. Vasyl’s most impressive records, however, come from winning the strongest Man in the World in 2004, and Ukraine’s Strongest Man six times and second to three in the Arnold Strongman Classic (2005-2007). He put his energy into the show several times in his career until he retired at the age of 40.

     10. Julius Maddox “Irregular strength”

The fascinating story of the American powerlifter in 2019, from addiction to famous, is one to reckon. In August 2019, Julius Maddox, better known as “Irregular Strength,” won the first of his feat when he pressed 739.6 pounds without a belt, thus beating Krill Sarychev’s 738.5 Ib record. November of that same year, he surpassed his world record by pressing 744.1 pounds again. In March 2020, Maddox did the unthinkable as he set a world bench record, lifting 770 pounds in the Arnold Sports Classic.

    11. Brian Siders – Powerlifter

BORN: USA, 1978

Height: 6’2 ″

Weight: 345 lbs

Sider is on this impressive list for his overall strength – surpassing all three powerlifts with personal bests of 1,019 pounds in squat, 799 pounds on the bench, and 865 pounds for a total weight of 2,651 pounds. Sider is proud to carry out the above-mentioned feats without resorting to performance-enhancing drugs, which means that his strength comes only from genetic blessings and real hard work.

   12. Leonid Taranenko


Born in the Soviet Union in Taranenko in late 1956, Taranenko is famous setting the world record for lifting weights (226 kg) and total weights (475 kg) in 1988, an eternity in weightlifting years ago-and these records have never been broken.

Due to the International Weightlifting Federation’s of the weight classes, Taranenko’s official records are no longer standing, but their lifts will yet to be matched. He had raised six discs above his head.

13. Andy Bolton

Andy Bolton, from Britain in the 70s, is best known for being the first man to lift more than 1,000 pounds during a power lifting competition. The English powerlifter became the first person to participate in his debut powerlifting competition at the age of 21.

Bolton has the fourth highest squat (1213.63 pounds) and his three-time lifting record of 2,806.34 is the third highest in history. He participated in the 2002 Arnold Strongman Classic and finished in sixth place. The lifts are amazing; holds the latest World Power Lifting Organization record with 1,213 Ib lift.

14. Louis Uni (Strongman)

The powerful Louis Uni aka Apollon is the oldest on the list. It is therefore very difficult to rank him as in his time there were not many competitions for lifting weights. Considered one of the first powerful athletess, Louis was indeed one of thestrongest and most powerful man of his era.

However, he lifted more than 155kg with a double barbell, which was unheard of at the time. At the time he was playing, there was no one like him, and he did a lot. The Frenchman was very good and flexible and it was difficult to win him in a wrestling match.

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